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Help us raise money to make sure Notacon 11 happens!

Notacon currently owes more money than it has in the bank. Due to lowered attendance last year and very few at the door ticket sales, we cut nearly every corner we could and still came up short. We are trying to raise $2,500 to secure the hotel for next year and pay off the 2013 venue. We have a stretch goal of $7,000 which would allow notacon to also repay most of our creditors. Please consider sponsoring Notacon to make sure that we can keep moving forward. You can also make a purchase from Nerd’s Nook where we sell all of our con swag, badge kits, and other nerdy items. Every little bit helps! Read More!



Not quite sure what hacker cons are really about?  Do you like building and creating stuff?  Are you tired of infosec focused conferences?  Do you want to have fun while actively learning about cool stuff and meeting awesome people?  NOTACON is the conference for you!  No degree in computer science, nor job in IT is required to have a great time at Notacon.  In fact, we believe some of the best hacks occur in areas outside of technology altogether.

We take hacking back to its roots.

Join us for a weekend of presentations, individual expression, electronics, workshops, locksport, digital art, music, radio and just a healthy dose of information security for flavor.  Saturday features PixelJam, one of North America’s only demoparties, where we premier creative creations created by our community!  Cash and prizes are awarded to the winners (could be you!), by popular vote of party participants.

Be a part of the community right now!   Check out our getting involved section and look through our archives of past year’s recordings and information.